Someone reminds me of Mr. Higgins

October 21, 2006. My BC 100 classmates and I went through Sir Avecilla’s traditional marathon film viewing yesterday.

True enough to stories from previous batches, we finished and were let go at around 10 PM in the evening already–that’s for a class that’s supposed to be from 1 – 4 PM. (And what does marathon film viewing have to do with Broadcast Communication, right? I really don’t know, and it wasn’t really explained to us.)

The films we watched, The Scarlet and The Black and My Fair Lady, were enough to keep us going though. At first we all thought we were in for a bore. But it was quite the contrary. These classics are excellent. Add to that Mr. Avecilla’s ‘scary’ and hilarious antics and wise words, plus overflowing popcorn, of course, this notorious marathon film viewing of his isn’t so bad at all.

I did miss the sem-ender activity of UP Mass Communicators Organization, regrettably.

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