Coup quorum

November 16, 2006. I’m tired. I’m barely getting used to waking up in time to get to my everyday-except-Wednesday 7AM class. It would have been all right, actually. But due to all my extra-curricular commitments, I rarely have time to go back home during my breaks and be able to get to sleep or rest, at least. I usually get home between 6 and 7 in the evening. It’s like being on overtime every single day.

Wednesdays will often be the only day in the week where I get to wake up later than usual. My only class on Wednesdays is at 1PM.

I left home much earlier than 1PM yesterday and had lunch with Patti S. at a fastfood place in Philcoa before we proceeded to our respective classes. My class at 1PM is (Film 161) Documentary class under Mr. Joseph Fortin. I’m looking forward to this class. I’ve always had this feeling that I’m more inclined and will do better in the documentary form of filmmaking than in the narrative form, being a more direct visual form of social commentary.

I attended a special assembly of UP MCO after class. We were to approve a revision of our org constitution. See, charter change seems to be a trend nowadays. All my affiliations, from UP MCO to UP CAST to the CMC Student Council are trying to revise their respective constitutions. What’s nice about these charter changes is that there are no hidden agenda and the members are all involved in the revision making and decision making processes.

After almost two hours of deliberations, we finally approved the new constitution almost a quarter past six in the evening. There were no lights at the steps of the University Theater so we all raised our cell phones so the votes through raising of hands were conveniently counted.

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