Defend our Collegian

Defend the Philippine Collegian
In light of the attack on the Philippine Collegian’s autonomy, the current editorial board and staff, along with colleagues from the University Student Council and the Office of the Student Regent, are spearheading the Defend Our Collegian (DOC) alliance. The alliance aims to consolidate individuals, organizations, and other alliances which advocate campus press freedom in order to intensify the clamor for the release of the Collegian’s funds and assert the autonomy of all student institutions. All individuals and formations are welcome to join the DOC alliance. For more info, send an email to

What’s really unfortunate for me is that due to this stand-off between the UP administration and the Philippine Collegian, the discussions and information regarding many crucial campus issues, like the Tuition and Other Fee Increases and other national issues have not seen print for the UP student body to read on their student paper.

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