Don’t force others to “sacrifice” with you

November 12, 2006. Second regular day of classes went by fine. I’m still trying to get used to a daily 7 AM Spanish class. I don’t even have time to eat breakfast before going to school anymore. I went home after Spanish class since my next class was at 1PM.

My 1PM class was in Mass Comm, Film 183 or Music in Film. It’s a new course offering so I don’t really know how much or what to expect. We just had the usual introductions during first day and then we were allowed to go.

I dropped by the Sentro ng Wikang Filipino to buy some required textbook then I proceeded (walked) all the way to Sunken Garden to meet my UP MCO friends. I enjoy alone-time walking.

We had a mat and a few finger foods. It was good. Sunken Garden afternoons are good. If only there weren’t too much traffic with noisy jeepneys plying the Academic Oval.

Some of us went back to Mass Comm after an hour or so. Ayeen and I joined our other student council members and we all went to some empty house for our semplanning.

It lasted way, way past midnight. We even had a heated debate because some of us had opposing views regarding the 300% proposed tuition fee increase for incoming UP students. I’m against the proposal. It makes UP less affordable for its supposed benefactors. Given, UP needs more funds. But must it be sourced from the students themselves? It was at first difficult to counter the argument that the well-off should pay more for their education. Gee, if one is so adamant at helping one’s university and be willing to pay more for state university tuition, then go ahead and donate money to your college! Don’t impose a sweeping increase against middle to higher income families and provide the government with an excuse to conveniently and gradually abandon its duty to adequately subsidize the national university, which it has been doing the past years.

Sans the tuition fee increase debate, the semplanning went fine. It was a bonding moment too for the council members for our last semester as a student council.

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