Gloria’s similar pattern

People fortunate enough to live in democratic regimes must remember that the rights and privileges they currently enjoy were extracted by force””either by them or by their ancestors””from ruling elites who refused to give up their powers and who, in fact, fought, slaughtered, and resorted to manipulation to keep these. They must forever be conscious of the need to limit the power of those whom they choose to gift with the power to govern. History’s Lessons by Rene Azurin

I have linked to a longer version of this piece before. It basically recalls how similar the pattern of ascent dictators Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and Ferdinand Marcos used. “first, an outwardly constitutional process is used to increase the powers of the executive by adding law-making powers; second, the executive uses these new powers to write new laws that consolidate the executive’s powers even more and suppress the powers of other democratic institutions (like the press); and third, the executive nullifies many of the fundamental rights of democratic citizens and effectively becomes dictator.

What with the previously implemented Presidential Proclamation 1017 and Executive Order 464, the intensified push for Charter Change and the Anti-Terrorism Bill, libel-charging spree of the First Family and the continued persecution of oppositionists. History lessons are indeed, important. Vigilance, people. Oppositionists and activists aren’t “crying wolf” for nothing. Related blog entry: Shall she stay?

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