Inkling on an advertising career

November 3, 2006. Maybe my mom doesn’t realize how much money she’s saving from making me do all our advertisement designs. I made these banners yesterday and had them printed on tarpaulin at some print shop in Citimall, Philcoa.

Super Plato: Chicken ba hanap mo? Super Plato: The town's best pasta

Aside from these banners, I’ve also been making designs for the teasers, the posters and the menu cards. I’m not complaining actually. My mom promised to compensate me for the ‘labor’. I’m sort of enjoying the job as a hobby and as a way to pass time this sembreak anyway.

Super Plato: Good Morning! Nag-almusal ka na ba? Super Plato: The finest coffee from the uplands of Cavite makes the best coffee in town

Some people might be wondering how come our food appear to be sort of inexpensive. At first, I thought about that too. But believe me, it’s not that the food is “cheap”. I think it’s because we don’t pay rent for the restaurant (because we own the space itself), much of the ingredients are sourced from our grocery and from our family connections, and we I do the designs for the publicity materials.

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