Litrato hindi goma

November 24, 2006. Right after my impromptu public speaking stint at the Anti-Tuition Hike rally in front of the crowd at Palma Hall, I left walked all the way to UP Hotel to gym with my friends from School of Economics* no less. Odd. What’s nice about the gym at UP Hotel is that it’s much less known and it’s almost deserted during the afternoon, so it’s less intimidating that way, without the serious and affluent health buffs who usually crowd the more known gyms. I’m going to be under the tutelage of my friend Dale Quimpo.

I proceeded to Mass Comm and attended another UP MCO general assembly, albeit for just a while. I also had to rush to the student council office for our weekly meeting. It’s the start of our ‘meeting season’. Hehe. Pun courtesy of Andreo. (*where most academic supporters of the E-VAT and the Tuition and Other Fee Increases come from)

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