Lost heroes

November 4, 2006. Some American television series can be really addicting. If we had shows like these on primetime here, I’d be an obese Filipino couch potato. Hehe.

I finally caught up with the latest episode of the third season of Lost last night. Yes, after nights of staying up late at night watching more or less five episodes a sitting. This show can really get me glued to my computer monitor for hours. The series is really exciting and storyline is really stimulating. People crashing and being stranded on a strange island trying to figure out what the hell is happening to them–strange being an understatement.

Surfing the web and reading all sorts of theories regarding what the island really is or who the Others really are or how every happening and character is related to all the others, geez it can get you into hours of inquisitive self spoiling.

When I thought these sort of television series couldn’t get any better, here comes Heroes. Rickey of Rickey.org recommended it in one of the comments he left. The series is about individuals who discover that they have extraordinary abilities as a result of human genetic progression. The thing is, the world is in peril and they soon realize that they must seek each other out and save the world together. It’s just on its sixth episode of its first season, so it’s not too late to start following the series. It just gets more interesting as the story progresses.

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