Mama as iska

November 8, 2006. My mom had half an hour to spare before the window time period began for her to be able to drive the car without being caught in violation of the number-coding scheme.

She asked me to take her to the Shopping Center. She always told me they used to call it Dilimall, back when the only other mall in Metro Manila was Alimall. She was surprised that the Shopping Center has become a photocopying mecca. The only stall she recalled to have survived the decades was G. Miranda’s bookstore/shop of school supplies. The “Coop” was already existing then, and she said little has changed with it.

When we went to Cebu for the wake of her college best friend’s dad, my mom and her friend both talked about and shared with me various college day stories when they were both UP students sharing a dormitory room in Kamia Residence Hall. I had a good time laughing it out with them reminiscing their juvenile days. It is indeed enlightening to imagine my mother as once being a normal college student much like any other.

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