Some admirable, some not

November 21, 2006. I spent the whole day at the Manila Hotel last Friday and Saturday documenting an Integrated Bar of the Philippines convention. My nose bled. Figuratively. Sitting with lawyers the whole day from morning till night talking about civil liberties and whatnot can be an information overload. I actually listened to all the speakers. That earned me 12 units of MCLE (all lawyers are supposed to take 36 units every three years to maintain their inclusion and recognition in the lawyers’ roll) without even wanting to be a law student. I have to admit, for a while there it got me thinking of taking a law degree in the future. Who knows where the future will take me?

The hotel food was good too. I would want to talk about what some of the speakers talked about but I’m too lazy right now. Some of them were inspiring, some were… uh, I don’t know.

Supreme Court Justice Renato Puno was there, Atty. Dong Puno was there, Atty. Harry Roque was there, more notable lawyers whose names I don’t remember were there. Rep. Satur Ocampo was also there. Even Mark Jimenez, who isn’t a lawyer by the way, was there in his philantrophic spree giving out millions here and there. He readily gave 500,000 pesos to the IBP the night he spoke. Why did the IBP even invite him?

The Manila Hotel lobby

The Manila Hotel food The Manila Hotel lobby

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