Stress on the Vic

November 10, 2006. I’m actually a morning person. I enjoy waking up to the cool morning breeze and the light touch of the morning sun. I actually feel good when I wake up before the sun rises. But, these are all true if I get enough sleep beforehand! Being forced out of sleep by academic obligations can suck. I’ve had a 7 AM class before, but our lecturer was kind enough to give everyone fifteen to thirty minute allowances. And that one was twice a week only.

Our Spanish professor is an early bird who claims he gives quizzes at 7:05 in the morning. And this is an everyday-except-Wednesday class. By the way, they’ve implemented a no ID no entry policy at Palma Hall. I was a little surprised. I didn’t have my ID with me, good thing I had my Form 5. How… authoritarian. When did this policy start? And why??

I spent my idle time with friends and orgmates. Then I had lunch with my new team in UP Mass Communicators Organization. I was reassigned from my publicity team, my team for almost three years, to the finance team of the organization. Contrary to some expectations, I shall now be an ungenerous creditor. I won’t shell out for anything until all my receivables have been received. Haha.

I didn’t have any more classes after lunch, but I decided to stay in school and wait out our 5 PM general assembly in UP Cinema Arts Society. I manned the student council booth collecting “taxes” (I really don’t enjoy the feeling) and played with my PDA for the time being.

By 5, I whisked myself off to Cine Adarna’s steps to meet my orgmates. It’s been a while since I’ve attended a general assembly of UP CAST. As usual of myself during beginnings, I’m optimistic with the plans. We shall accomplish them.

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