Turn back time. Regret.

November 22, 2006. I took this shot while walking along my usual route from ‘Central’ to Mass Comm.

Yesterday, by the way, we watched Irréversible during Film 114 class. It’s a grotesque French film that tells its story in reverse chronological order. That manner of narration was what made me appreciate it. Plus its brutally frank and realistic depiction of the violent scenes, including Monica Belluci’s tragic rape scene. You could see and feel the pain in her muffled screams. That rape scene was one looong take. Whew. I wonder how ordinary Filipinos perceive these kinds of films.

We also watched our professor’s NCCA-sponsored documentary about Agtas who live at the foot of northern Sierra Madre along the Pacific coast of Isabela. It made me admire our professor much more. And wow, that part of Isabela looked really untouched, isolated and magnificent.


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