Caroling for CMC

I went caroling with some of my UP MCO and UP CAST orgmates last weekend. The two orgs were requested by our college dean to go around some of Manila’s posh subdivisions and sing for our college’s affluent alumni for money. We were able to raise a few ten thousands last weekend.

On Saturday, I went with my MCO orgmates. We practiced at Mass Comm’s empty halls that afternoon then we proceeded to Ayala Alabang to sing at an alumna’s house.

Of all places, I met my Ateneo high school friend and classmate, Toff de Venecia, at the said alumna’s house. His theater group was having a garage sale at the same house. I haven’t seen him since high school graduation and it was sort of embarrassing that while I’ve been missing out on all his initiated get-togethers, I bump into him while caroling for UP CMC. It was really nice to catch up with him. Of course, there was one time he brought up his perception of UP and all the anti-Charter Change noise, and I just had to quickly change the topic myself. I even tried to avoid discussing why we’re caroling and raising funds for the college ourselves.

After caroling at Ayala Alabang, we proceeded to Casino Filipino in Paranaque. It wasn’t a very good experience at first. They were so strict with letting us in, because we weren’t there to gamble anyway. We were led to the employees’ entrance and they gave us ID’s and placed stickers on our camera phones. And nobody showed us the way to where we were supposed to go. Anyway, when we got to one of the casino’s restaurants, where another alumna was the manager, we were treated to a filling dinner. Right after eating, we were led to the casino’s lobby where we were asked to perform after the dance number of a handful of scantily-clothed girls. We weren’t expecting it, and we were nervous. But everybody was busy gambling to bother watching us, so that was all right. We felt like we were some pathetic entertainers but it’s okay.

The next day, I went with my UP CAST orgmates to go caroling at more alumni’s homes. First up, we went to an alumna’s house at Ayala Alabang, again. We were treated to lunch there, then we performed in front of our alumna’s family.

After that stint, we headed off to another posh subdivision, which name I forget, but was also somewhere south of Manila. To our surprise, the occasion we went to was a family reunion, with tens of people. We performed anyway and it was okay. We were fed there too. Next up was at another alumna’s house, this time in posh San Lorenzo village in Makati. It turned out to be the family of Dana Crisostomo. It was weird at first, but we were more relaxed there since they were a smaller audience and most of them are familiar faces. Our last stop was at an alumnus’ house in Acropolis village in Libis.

I also had dinner with my orgmates at Eastwood that night.penmanship.

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