CMC Carol Fest and Christmas Party

December 11, 2006. It’s almost eleven in the evening and I’m tired yet satisfied. I don’t care if I still have a 7 AM class to wake up to tomorrow.

We held our Carol Fest, a caroling contest among organizations and cliques in Mass Comm, this evening.

For a first time event, it went by pretty well. We coincided a small Christmas party program with it, so it was also fun. We had some food and we lit up fireworks, how’s that! This should become a tradition!

Only four organizations participated in the first Carol Fest, but boy, all of them really prepared! In the end however, it was one of my organizations, UP CAST, which won! I’m really happy for the CASTpers. It was initially weird at first because UP MCO was also participating, and I’m a member of both. I refrained from joining any of their entries, to be fair.

Honestly however, my being part of the student council alienates me quite from my orgmates sometimes. I rarely get to hang out with UP CAST anymore. And to think I was really much closer and active in it the last two years. It makes me sad. When it was announced that they won, I really wanted to join their group hug. But, I don’t know. Bigla lang akong nahiya. I just took their pictures. Hay, anyway, this will be for another entry.

Mass Comm Carol Fest This event is probably one of the most enjoyable ones we held. It feels great to belong to this college during times like these. By the end of the day, we were one tired but satisfied student council. Mass Comm Student Council

I’ll upload the pictures from tonight in my Multiply page in a while. [EDIT] They’re here.

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