I love innards

Mass Comm students helping make the CMC lantern and belenDecember 8, 2006. Seeing students from different organizations, even the freshmen, volunteer to help make the lantern and belen for Mass Comm, is quite inspiring, for student council members like me. I wish there are more ways and opportunities for more student involvement in such activities. It’s just that we’re so used to forcing and pleading for people to attend college assemblies, it always felt like nobody cared about college affairs.

This year’s Lantern Parade won’t seem to be too different from last year’s. Different colleges will have individual stationary booths where their lanterns are to be displayed. In other words, there won’t be much of a parade except for the Fine Arts lanterns. I don’t know how it will turn out.

Last year, due to “austerity measures” the University administration said there won’t be a lantern parade contest. So our college didn’t make a lantern nor prepare for a presentation. It was quite a bore. It also was rather disappointing for me, especially because my first lantern parade experience in UP was really fun. We really paraded a giant “TV” and smaller “TV” lanterns around the academic oval and we even had a presentation at Quezon Hall. And we practiced for a few days for that. I always expected Lantern Parades to be like that every year, hence my disappointment.

After spending an hour at the University Hotel’s gym, I was planning to walk straight back to Mass Comm. But I just had to succumb to the smell of grilled innards at a stall in front of Ilang-Ilang. It’s been a long time since I had isaw and atay and such. At that time, nothing would’ve beaten eating 20 sticks of assorted chicken and pork innards in solitude.

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