Joyful children

Pasko 2006December 25, 2006. Christmas is a time when kids earn quite a handful. I’m sort of grateful I’m still considered a young grandchild or a young nephew or godchild. And thank God, I didn’t have to dance boom-tarat like most younger kids to amuse the grown-ups.

Don’t you find it amusing how kids have a national theme song to which grown-ups will make them dance to every Christmas season? There was the the chocolate a year or so ago, the ocho-ocho, the spaghetti, the macarena, the shalala when I was much younger. Oh God, I shouldn’t have reminded myself.

Pasko 2006

Christmas with the extended family is enjoyable because of the younger kids. Christmas is always fun because the joy the children are experiencing can be contagious. I may not find Christmas as magical anymore, but Christmas is still Christmas.

Today I refused to allow some bad news about Virgilio Garcillano or the thought of millions of other families experiencing hunger ruin my day, I just surrendered to the joyful Christmas virus. This virus has made me go on eating and eating from morning till midnight today, it’s unhealthy already. I’m going to be reprimanded for gluttony.

Pasko 2006

Today we went to Amadeo and to Indang in Cavite for my paternal relatives. Then we also dropped by our Bulacan town later today.

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