Org stuff this December

Last week has also been quite a handful when it came to org stuff. Lately I’ve felt like I was missing out on things going on with my orgs. Last week was an opportunity for me to catch up with people. Last Wednesday, we had an applicants’ orientation in UP CAST at the usual spot in front of Cine Adarna.

After the orientation, I was torn between leaving and proceeding to UP MCO’s Christmas party and staying in UP to watch the CASTpers rehearse for the university-wide Carol Fest, then go home afterwards.

I had a bad headache and I had a 7AM exam the next day. It turned out I could do both and so I did. I watched my CAST friends rehearse their carol fest set at the Carillon till around seven in the evening. After which, I proceeded to Joma’s place for the MCO Christmas party. When it got too late, I decided to sleep over despite me having to go to school first thing the next day for a 7AM exam. One of the more intriguing and interesting parts of get-togethers like this is the ritual spin-the-bottle confession game.

It turned out that my 7AM class the next day didn’t push through, which annoyed me a bit, since I was being a dork the previous night by studying while there was a party. After my class, I went straight home to take a bath and grab some sleep. I went back to school to watch my CAST orgmates rehearse again for that night’s university-wide carol fest.

Here’s the gang backstage right before the Carol Fest commenced. I will post an entry about it together with pictures of other college chorales in another entry.

I went with Ayeen to Don Antonio after the Carol Fest to catch up with our other MCO orgmates who were caroling in the area. They were finished by the time we got there so we just had some lasagna before we left for our subdivision, as in the subdivision my family lives in. We went household-hopping, and we did quite well. We should do this every Christmas.

The next day, Friday, was a really hectic day, what with the anti-tuition increase barricade and rally, the Oblation Run and the ‘rebel’ Lantern Parade. Before the Lantern Parade started, I attended some UP CAST applicants’ bonding activity in front of Cine Adarna. I wasn’t able to participate much though.

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