Pimping a new blog

Over this Christmas break, I’ve also been watching numerous films off my computer. And because I have quite a handful of time to spare, I decided to put up a new blog for my movie commentaries, instead of piling them all up in an entry category within this blog. I’ve only done a handful the past days, however.

I also placed a pseudo-disclaimer at the blog. I don’t claim to be a professional film critic nor a film academic, so, I don’t claim to write fair objective reviews. I also have many biases. Though I employ a linear rating scale, I do not judge films from different countries with the same mindset. I always take to consideration how, when, with what budget the movie was produced, among other contextual considerations. My comments on certain movies can also be dependent on the types of movies I’ve seen beforehand, or the perceptions I have of certain elements within the film. It can also be dependent on how much I like or dislike an actor or a genre. In other words, my movie commentaries blog can be very subjective. And I don’t want fangirls or fanboys flaming me for ‘bad’ reviews. Or professional critics picking on my commentaries. Hehe.

Anyway, I’ll try to catch a few Metro Manila Film Festival movies tomorrow and get to comment on them.

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