UP Carolfest 2006

The first university-wide caroling contest was held last Thursday at the University Theater. UP CAST, as the winner of the CMC Carol Fest, was sent Mass Comm’s representative to the university-wide event. Since it was the first Carol Fest and UP CAST is foremost a film organization, we didn’t expect much. My orgmates were out there to represent Mass Comm well and have fun. Their performance is quite an entertainment number actually. No one else would dare rap and dance in a chorale contest.

We were actually quite surprised when we saw how other colleges were taking it seriously, what with all their specially-tailored costumes and formal wear. We also grew quite apprehensive especially when one of the faculty organizers from the College of Music explained the criteria, which was full of academic musical jargon…

UP Carol Fest …which is why we were really pleasantly surprised when we learned the next day that Mass Comm won second place. We admittedly weren’t the best chorale, or the best in vocal blending, acrobatics, harmony or whatever. But I guess having fun and performing your best does pay. I’m really proud of my orgmates.

UP Carol Fest The College of Social Sciences & Philosophy won first place, while the College of Engineering was tied with the College of Mass Communication for second place. The College of Architecture got third place.

UP Carol Fest

UP Carol Fest UP Carol Fest

There were also wonderful performances from the UP Pep Squad and the UP Streetdance Club.

UP Carol Fest

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