UP Lantern Parade 2006

According to the press release by Diliman Chancellor Sergio Cao, the much-anticipated annual Lantern Parade was cancelled due to threats to persons and property.

With our without administration support however, students from the College of Fine Arts pursued the annual Lantern Parade. All afternoon, Ayeen and I were going around Mass Comm encouraging people to join the parade and gather at Quezon Hall. We talked to our dean but she highly discouraged us from pursuing the plan.

Well, we didn’t heed. We still gave away the white laces and stars to people who stayed in Mass Comm and asked them to join us parade. Our council chairperson actually berated me for this. It’s not that I didn’t lead people to the rally. It’s just that people weren’t that responsive to the idea. I was thinking the two aren’t that mutually exclusive of each other so Ayeen and I decided to gather everyone to parade, which was what they wanted. Anyway, I’ve said my piece in an email. Bahala na sila.

UP Lantern Parade 2006 Our lantern is stationary so it’s stuck there at our booth. In other words, we joined the lantern parade without any lantern in tow. We were even chanting out loud, “Wala kaming lantern! Wala kaming lantern! Maingay lang kami!” then everyone would start shouting ang waving our glittered styrofoam stars and white laces. Hindi ko alam kung hahangaan ko ang mga kaibigan ko for keeping the spirit up or mahihiya ako sa ginagawa namin. Pinagbigyan naman kami ng mga tao. Pumalakpak naman sila. Since we made too many white laces and glittered stars, we also gave lots of them away to the audience.

UP Lantern Parade 2006

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