Cost of overlooking

January 19, 2007. After my two morning classes, I headed off to the Media Center because Ynna invited me to talk about the tuition increase approval over her and Ely’s program on DZUP.

Right afterwards, I talked briefly to some org representatives regarding upcoming activities for Mass Comm week.

Then I headed off to the Batibot to meet my UP MCO orgmates for our pseudo-Amazing Race activity. I was grouped with Bev and Jau. The video clip below isn’t a very long coverage since we were eliminated from the race early on anyway. Hehe. That was rather disappointing.

In the afternoon, while cooling off alone at the UP CAST tambayan, Pet suddenly came in and requested me to act for her Film 114 video exercise. I’m telling you, kami-kami lang talaga nagiging impropmtu crew para sa isa’t isa. [The other picture is from documentary film class the previous day].

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