Get ’em while they’re young

It felt quite odd walking all around Palma Hall with a big-headed mascot from Studio 23. It was a spontaneous decision to go around there. We even had to convince the strict guards to let us in and promote our event last Monday.

This thing ABS-CBN is doing, going around mass communication colleges in different universities, is obviously, a strategic public relations campaign coated as say, a campus tour regarding youth involvement in nation-building (what with the upcoming May elections) or coated as a youth media summit, like the Pinoy Media Summit held at Miriam College where student representatives from all the communication schools in the Philippines were invited.

There’s nothing wrong with it really. It’s quite ingenious actually that they are conducting all these to woo “future media practicioners” into their fold, while they’re in school. They even sent the “Tres Marias” (Charie Villa, Maria Ressa, Luchi Cruz-Valdes) of their News department to speak with us in UP last Monday.

This News Plenary symposium, by the way, is sponsored by Studio 23 in coordination with our student council, as part of their “Y-Vote” campus tour. I don’t know why GMA Network isn’t doing these sorts of PR campaigns. ABS-CBN probably know they’re the more controversial and more criticized one. But as far as this PR campaign is concerned, I think they’re pulling a good job at convincing us to give them higher regard and maybe even join them in the future, as future media professionals.

It’s not that I’m planning on getting into the broadcast industry. I still prefer working in film. But seeing that TV is the stronger and more influential field, it’s one of my options.

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