Kahit may exam bukas

January 11, 2007. A few days ago, I semi-consciously “booked” myself to three different meetings all at 4PM. I ended up running up and down our college trying to attend to everything.

I really have a problem with saying “no” to people. When I thought I couldn’t get myself into more commitments with me having two academic organizations, a political party, the student council, loads of academic work, obligations to a family business, and having to keep up with friends, here comes me volunteering for a pseudo-part time job at maintaining our college’s website, and me volunteering to tutor public elementary school kids every weekend with the guys at Universitas. I’m killing myself. Did I mention I also try to keep this pseudo-blogging career?

All’s well, really. It’s just that I sometimes feel like I should focus on less priorities than on spreading myself out to so many different commitments, which eventually render me incapable of doing my best at any duty.

(Picture above taken on my jeepney ride to school.) Today was a fairly ordinary day. I attended a lunch hosted by our college dean for those who helped solicit money from our affluent alumni last Christmas (through caroling). It was held at the Tea Room at the College of Home Economics (CHE). It was my first time in the Tea Room–actually, my first time inside CHE. Feels good to discover new places in your university.

After documentary class in the afternoon, I attended a couple of activities of my organizations, then I tagged along some friends to Ortigas. Turned out to be a multi-level marketing seminar by a health and wellness company. It was pretty awkward, because these people are my friends, but I’m not a believer in multi-level marketing. I would’ve pointed out some clever tactics and ploys in the audio-visual presentation, but yea, I just kept my silence. My main contention was that I couldn’t imagine how the hell I can earn back a 13 thousand peso investment without actually selling anything. And recruiting people and exploiting my relationships with them doesn’t sound too appealing to me. When I was asked if I wanted to join, I just had to politely say “no”. Here are some links on information regarding multi-level marketing.

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