Media seedlings

The internet connection’s is more tolerable tonight. I’ve finally gotten myself a good dose of internet surfing after quite a hectic first week of school for the year.

I just came across GMA Network‘s new news website,, and I have quite a good impression of it. It is pretty neat, organized, aesthetically-pleasing, rich and content-loaded. They have streaming videos and they also got their correspondents, news anchors and other journalists on an integrated blog network. I wonder why their rival television network contents itself with a mediocre-looking and a disorganized news website.

ABS-CBN though, has its own plans up its sleeves I’m sure. Eugenio Lopez III, the company’s CEO, in the 2nd Pinoy Media Congress a few months ago, talked about development of non-linear content delivery over the internet and investing in HDTV broadcasting technology. They’ve lit up their transmitter tower quite nicely, for a start. Hehe.

Anyway… While eating at a restaurant with my UP MCO friends a few nights ago, I noticed that we were the only ones who were staring at the almost-muted television set. It was pretty interesting to have realized now that all we talked about that night were media-related. How gossip and media geeky these Mass Comm kids are. All these hopping around local media sites, reminded me of what I’ve also been thinking about reorganizing I’ve sort of left and abandoned it already, I don’t really know what’s happening in there anymore. Perhaps with the help of some volunteers and some willing web developers, we can fix it up and turn it into a more useful student portal for UP Mass Comm kids, the future of Philippine media, hehe. I’m thinking of something like a portal where film students can upload their documentaries and short films, where broadcast majors can upload their shows, journalism folks can publish their reports and communication researchers can post their studies and findings. Which brings me to another idea about shooting short video segments with my friends in Mass Comm over YouTube and other such video content platforms. Wah. Let’s see if these ideas take flight.

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