‘Pag ikaw tumingala

January 23, 2007. Here are some of the things I got myself into the past days. First, last Saturday, I went with the guys from Universitas to tutor a handful of elementary school children at Krus na Ligas Elementary School. It’s been years since I did this. Back in senior year in Ateneo High School, one of our course requirements was to tutor elementary school kids at a designated public school for almost an entire school year. We made our own lesson plans every week and brought our own props, papers, and visual aids.

Volunteering for Universitas Project Forge isn’t as demanding, because all materials are apparently ready beforehand. I wish I could do this every weekend, but all my other commitments won’t permit me, unfortunately.

Last Monday, at the demonstration in support of the Philippine Collegian at AS (Palma Hall) lobby, my friends made me speak in front of the crowd. Hayayay. I still get very nervous whenever they make me do public speaking. Especially in rallies. It takes practice, I guess.

Oh, and this afternoon, while walking towards UP MCO’s tambayan, my friends pulled me into doing this role-playing stint for a short video segment for GMA 7’s Unang Hirit. Darn. That was very spontaneous. Ang dugyot ko pa noong tanghaling ‘yon.

Yesterday, I also shot my first ako-lang-ang-direktor / I-call-all-the-shots short short video exercise/film! It feels liberating that I’m not just the actor or the assistant director or the production manager or a production assistant. I’m my own director, even for just a short video exercise! Yahoo.

Many thanks to my friends Ayeen and Christer for acting for me. Hehe.

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