Talent for food

January 18, 2007. Yesterday, if not for an impromptu decision to submit to coercion and have dinner with Ayeen, Kim and two of their high school friends, I would have ended the day without having spent a peso on food.

In the morning, I went to Rina’s TV production class to host her talk show. Prior to her airtime, however, her Korean classmate sort of requested that I guest in his own talk show because his other guest backed off the last minute. Haha. That was an Engrish madness. I was keeping myself from laughing at the set the whole time. I could barely understand the questions I was being asked and how they were phrased so I ended up talking nonsense and trying to keep myself from bursting into laughter. The great thing is they made me drink all these different types of Korean liquor.

Anyway, back to Rina’s own talk show. I was the host and Ge was my guest and our topic was singles on Valentines’ Day. For this stint, I got a McDonald’s lunch.

In the afternoon, I went to Chesa and Kay R.’s Film 114 video exercise shoot then to Andre F.’s own similar undertaking at CAL. For this, I got a free merienda. Haha.

Okay. That was another, in the words of Celeni: retarded, video blog clip. That was done a while ago at the Bahay ng Alumni and what I meant to say was: Hi, we’re currently in Con and Jobelle’s shoot for their Film 114 scene study/video exercise. Production season for film and even broadcast majors are starting once again, and since we don’t hire crews, we help each other out and volunteer to be each other’s crew people. That’s all! Speaking of all these Film 114 exercises–I haven’t done mine yet!

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