Two UP places down

January 13, 2007. Last Thursday, I finally got the video camera I have been ‘needing’ all my college life.

But before I got to that, in the morning I got to go to another part of UP I’ve never been to before, the library of the School of Urban and Regional Planning. I went there to do some research on the Pasig River, which might be our group’s subject for documentary class. Earlier, I got to visit the media services section of the Main Library to do the same thing. I used to go there a few times when I was a freshman. Whenever I’m bored, I’d watch documentaries or read old newspapers on microfilm.

After my classes, some of my MCO friends tagged along with me to SM North. I was to pick up the video camera my parents bought for me a few weeks ago. Then we tried out some expensive crepes at some fancy shop at The Block. Hm, for people who are often with me, they find me one of the most frugal persons they know. It offends me when people take me to say, Starbucks, and I end up paying for expensive coffee. Needless to say, I don’t think the crepe was worth the price, hehe.

In the afternoon, I attended a UP MCO acquaintance party for applicants in Mass Comm. The activity ended at half past seven in the evening. I then proceeded to Sampaguita Residence Hall for a UP MCO production festival. It’s my first time in Sampa!

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