Youth Mobilization (I)

We’ve been walking for almost half an hour. I was so thirsty, I left the mob for a while and decided to enter a convenience store along Morayta. I stood beside a policeman while at the counter. He was looking suspiciously at me. Then another policeman came. It’s not that I got scared. It’s just awkward that they looked at me that suspiciously. It’s not as if I looked like I was about to wreak havoc. I walked out of the store immediately after paying for my bottled water.

“We serve and protect,” they say. Serve and protect who, really? The military and police, of course have always been used and always been instrumental in maintaining elite rule and our country’s tragic status quo.

On a personally interesting note, I am the grandson of a policeman. He was one of Cavite’s chiefs of police during the years when the province was known for its political warlords and political bloodshed. [View photos from the rally here]

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