Gearing up

February 16, 2007. I’ve been such a sleepyhead the past days. Whenever I get the chance, I sleep on benches in Mass Comm, or during class, or when I’m alone at the student council office. Perhaps not all has been recovered from all the sleep lost last week. I’ve been getting back to routine this week. I’ve been attending my orgs’ regular assemblies, attending my classes, doing favors for friends’ productions, doing homework at home and other such regular activities for me.

in Sampaloc, Manila

I went with my documentary film class groupmates to Geronimo St. in Sampaloc, Manila last Wednesday morning. We’ve been coming back for three weeks already. We’re now preparing for next week’s shoot.

STAND-UP CMC slate of candidates

I’ve also been attending training talks and other such modules with my fellow STAND-UP CMC candidates every day this week.

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