Hindi Ka Nag-iisa

February 28, 2007. There are just a few campaign days left, and I’m honestly looking forward to election day, as we can all stop this exhausting endeavor of convincing people to vote in your favor.

Last Monday, as the two aspirants for chairperson in Mass Comm, Karol and I were interviewed together over DZUP. He was as perky as he usually is. Sometimes I don’t know where all that is coming from, as I can’t seem to find the energy to do that most the time. It’s amusing how some people seriously pit us against each other. As members of the incumbent student council, I don’t remember having a heated argument with him, even when we were debating on our positions regarding the tuition increase proposal a few months ago. All’s well or so I’d like to believe.

Anyway, as the program progressed, one of the main differences between Karol and I are exposed. As expected, Karol and his party, ISA, finally admits that they are for tuition fee increase, buying the administration line that it is inevitable and practical–while we in STAND-UP are, from the beginning, against its approval as a clear manifestation of dwindling state subsidies and state abandonment. To people who’ve been asking what’s the different between the two parties, perhaps that can serve as a factor on how they will decide next Tuesday.

The truth is, the pro-tuition increase line has gained much support from many (I hope not too many) students. Are we not afraid of losing their votes because of our position? Honestly, no. This is our stand, and we are being honest and unpretentious about it. We lay out all our cards in campaign, and if a fellow Mass Comm student firmly believes otherwise, then due respect is given. We will not compromise these positions during election campaign to simply garner votes.

These, by the way, are pictures from last Friday’s anti-TOFI parade by STAND-UP.

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