Libo-libong butil

February 21, 2007. There are relatively few classes and students in Mass Comm during Wednesdays, which makes it a small breather among the days of the week in student council election campaign. I nevertheless did not campaign in the morning because my groupmates in documentary film class and I went to Sampaloc, Manila to shoot footages for our documentary.

Along Gen. Geronimo St., in Sampaloc is a long row and community of cardboard and umbrella shanties. The community is called ‘Maisan’ because many of the residents of the community are ambulant vendors of corn who sell them in various streets in different parts of Metro Manila.

The setting and its novelty is not really the main subject of our documentary, but the problems and struggles of the community and its individual residents in the context of a larger national problem and in the context of an upcoming national elections. Let’s see what we can come up with our footage.

I had to go back to UP that afternoon to attend our slate’s photo shoot and also, to campaign in the afternoon classes.

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