To another week of campaign

February 23, 2007. I’m overwhelmed sometimes. Running during last year’s Mass Comm student council elections wasn’t this hectic. Most of us in the slate, including Marella and I for Film Department Representatives, were running unopposed. There was very little pressure that time. This year is a lot different. Our party is running together with a full-slate, which as I’ve mentioned in a previous entry, is similarly determined to win this particular elections.

[These pictures were taken from our makeshift campaign booth during the afternoon of the first day of campaign period]

I actually just got home a few hours ago from a mini-‘mudslinging’/debate training workshop. My next class is in seven hours. I still have a term paper to write and a Spanish dialogue to memorize. And I haven’t slept. I need something to keep me going. I know I’m not supposed to show weaknesses during campaign. I don’t actually know how many students from Mass Comm read my blog, but, admittedly and with all humility, nakakapagod talaga ‘to. Sometimes I want to recluse and recollect myself before facing fellow students and subjecting myself to their scrutiny. Sometimes I don’t want put up a sort of front anymore because I’m exhausted. I simply want to impart what we want to do as a party and as individuals without all the fancy spiels, it sucks that we have to be partly packaged, hence a little artificial, in order to convince everyone that we are actually sincere in our platform. And it doesn’t help that our opponents have raised the ante of traditional student council election campaigning with their fancy gimmicks. And if that is what it takes, then we shall continue doing this. Here’s to another week!

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