Today begins another

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Geronimo St. in Sampaloc, Manila with my documentary film class groupmates and other film friends to do an ocular for our documentary.

If you think the usual large slum communities are depressing, small cardboard and umbrella shanties on the sidewalk are worse. I didn’t know how to feel when I was talking to some of the people. People who bash poor people for being jobless, for being ambulant vendors or for being squatters should shut up. They don’t know anything, them sheltered fools.

Martha, Athena and I went to ABS-CBN last night to ‘guest’ at Studio 23’s News Central newscast. It was actually a first time for me inside ABS-CBN, and it had to be a ‘guesting’ at that. It didn’t help that it was really freezing inside studio seven. I just kept blabbering incoherent motherhood statements about the youth. As if everyone my age feels the same way I do.

Anyway, I might be back in ABS-CBN tomorrow for Studio 23’s Breakfast to do and say the same things.

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