Bed scenes all over

I had little to do last Sunday, though I had a finals exam in Communication 141 the next day, so when Bianca asked me to help out in her group’s Film 114 shoot, I said yes. She did play as our cinematographer in our own Film 114 shoot.

Let me tell you, you won’t survive in the film institute without good working and cordial relations with your batchmates or film orgmates. We all become each other’s production assistants, cinematographers, production managers, assistant directors, etc. from one production to another, which I can say is selfless in a way since we’re all good friends anyway. In reality we are also ‘paid’ with food and perhaps in the intangible assurance that your film friends will help you out in your own productions.

It’s all mutual. The shoot was in some mansion in Alabang. The shoot lasted the whole day till around 9 in the evening, but I left Alabang before the sun went out because I still had an exam to study for the next day. I took a 1.5-hour bus ride all the way back to Quezon City.

I did notice that most of our batch’s Film 114 productions this semester have bed scenes. What a binding motif. Hehe.

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