Hindi naglalaho

It seemed quite weird, especially for the candidates like me who lost, but our college party held a small thanksgiving and victory gathering yesterday at the Film Department lobby. What’s more weird, we even invited our opponent party. All’s well. Like what we’ve always said, STAND-UP is and will continue to be present, election season or not.

After our small salu-salo in Mass Comm, we proceeded to Vinzons Hall to join other STAND-UP members for the university-wide party’s post-election gathering. The party’s local chapters each had a presentation. We in STAND-UP CMC sang our election theme song. And suddenly, I am reminded of the night we spent at Marian’s place rehearsing Carlos’ and Tiffie’s composition which ultimately became our local party song. After the gathering in Vinzons, some of us proceeded to a pseudo-evening pool party hosted by Yani somewhere along Timog Avenue. [Other photos are here]

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