If I had prepared ahead

Don’t worry my friends, I’m fine. I simply don’t have enough time to blog these days or even show up often in Mass Comm, for reasons I might tell some other time. I’ll write my realizations and other such catharsis this weekend.

I would like to congratulate my co-candidates in STAND-UP, seven of whom won in the CMC Student Council elections. Martha Teodoro as Vice-Chairperson, Marian Santos as Treasurer, Ruth Miguel as Broadcast Communication Representative. Airah Cadiogan as Communication Research Representative, Tope Canela as Film Representative, and Jem Garcia & Carlos Maningat as Journalism Representatives. I will miss working with you guys. I’m sure you’ll all do well. Thank you to all who supported STAND-UP and our candidates in Mass Comm, to friends and supporters who have been present before and after the elections. I sincerely appreciate all the love and support.

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