It doesn’t end here

I’ve been feeling quite disoriented and lost the past few days after losing the elections. I’m not depressed, really. I just never realized how lost it would make me feel.

See, for the past three years, I’ve gotten myself very busy with org work and student council activities. First year pa lang, I joined two organizations in Mass Comm and immersed myself in org life. The next year, I became an officer in both orgs. The next year, I got myself into the college’s student council.

Now, I feel lost in a college I’m so attached to. I don’t know what to do now. I’m unsure what role I’ll play. I know there will be things in store for me. Perhaps I just didn’t prepare myself well enough about the prospect of losing that’s why I’m currently disoriented. Perhaps it’s time for me to go back to my orgs and my friends whom I’ve missed very much, and/or get myself busy with non-election STAND-UP work, and/or simply immerse myself in academic stuff and go home after my classes. I don’t know. Come what may.

By the way, I honestly wasn’t expecting the flood of comments my past two blog entries have been receiving. I’m very thankful for my friends and blog readers who’ve showed me how much they care. Naiiyak ako hindi dahil masakit sa akin matalo, pero nata-touch ako sa mga pinagsasabi n’yo from the night the election results came out. Mahal ko kayo.

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