It’s now up to you

Campaign period is almost over. In a way, it will be a relief. But I will surely miss all the stressful days and nights I spent with my co-candidates in STAND-UP CMC. It will be a great privilege and pleasure to work with them in the student council, if ever we get elected. I’m obviously and honestly hoping that we all do.

We spent the entire weekend before the campaign period (that’s two weeks ago) at our house, training and drafting our detailed general program of action. Then every afternoon till evening of every campaign day, we all sit down together and assess and talk about all sorts of stuff. It’s an everyday bonding thing.

Last weekend, we slept over at Marian’s place in Guadalupe, Makati. It was a whole day till almost-dawn training slash bonding session. The slate also spent the entire night till morning before the college miting de avance at our house. I will also miss working with our campaign managers, field operators and other campaign team members. Thank you, thank you.

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