Re-orient me please

I still feel disoriented. For the past month or so, my routine has been irregular, what with my neophyte phase, and then the weeks-long election season. Now, everything seems weird to me. No more student council work, no more ‘initiation sessions’, no more elections. Everything’s ‘back to normal’ and yet I’m still heavily hung up from all the irregularities that have happened. I’m not even used to being online all the time anymore.

I’ve been trying and I’ve been getting back into my ‘old routine’ the past days. There’s just less than two weeks of school days left however, so it’s not really getting back to a regular routine because these weeks are hell weeks. It also doesn’t help that I’ve given up and missed a lot of things, most are academic, the past month because of my extra-curricular and political preoccupations.

Last Monday, I was able to attend assemblies of my two orgs in Mass Comm. My attendance reminds me that I have to reorient myself with the busy org life I once had in my first and second year in college. Those were preoccupations I felt fulfilment and happiness in (whoa). [Photos are here]

Last Wednesday, I attended one of UP MCO’s regular entertainment quiz shows at the college’s parking lot. This one’s focused on Korean entertainment trivia. I wasn’t able to take part much, if at all, with the planning and preparations, so I simply tried to make up for it by taking part in documenting the event. [Photos are here]

Nevertheless, right now I still feel weird. I shouldn’t let myself be left alone. I should leave the house in a while and find someone to hang out with in school.

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