Sawang-sawa na ako sa mais

Hm, nako-conscious na tuloy ako mag-blog ng bagong entry, with the surge in traffic and attention. Even people in school are congratulating me. I still find it sort of weird, being recognized for an online journal. My group mates and I finally finished editing and re-editing our documentary for documentary class this morning. We’ve been at it for two almost-sleepless nights here at my room. It’s really no good if you start shooting a documentary without a detailed outline or even an edit log. We ended up with hours and hours and hours of footage that we (actually, I) had to sift through and sort out and trim into a ten minute documentary with a coherent story. Whew, we pulled it off nonetheless. I’ll upload the documentary in a few days.

While waiting for our documentary to render and to be burned into a DVD, Eka was playing with Tisay and it was sort of amusing because the baby was unusually cheerful, when she normally isn’t if she’s around strangers. Eka eventually took photos of me with Tisay.

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