All-around personal assistant

Last Tuesday was a change in routine for my internship at Living Asia. Eka and I were sent to shoot a couple of segments for a certain show (that doesn’t air in the Philippines anyway). We finally did something outside the office! Though it wasn’t as full-blown a production nor was as hectic as I expected or even as stressful our productions in school, it was a pretty cool experience. But before we left the office, we had some cake for Rina’s birthday. There, igi-greet kita kahit di ako nangi-greet usually sa blog. Happy birthday, Rina! Sorry sa pag-“walk out” ko kahapon.

Geez, a set of redheads (lights) never weighed that much in school. Carrying that box of redheads from Living Asia up and down flights of stairs is an achievement!

Anyway, since it was a girly show we were shooting segments for, our destination last Tuesday was a fancy parlor and a fancy gym. Heh. Tomorrow, on the other hand, we’re being sent to Manila to shoot/cover the Aliwan Festival parade!

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