Me no yuppie

Commuting to and from Makati’s central business district for my internship has been quite a tiresome ordeal. I just came home from my second day. I actually left the office early today, at around 4PM, thinking and hoping I would have avoided the rush hour traffic. That didn’t quite work out. It took me almost two hours inside a cramped and stinky “air-conditioned” bus to get near our place and walk home.

I’ve got an anecdote from this afternoon’s commuting experience however. Stuck in traffic between EDSA Buendia and Guadalupe, I looked through the bus window beside me and lo and behold it was Rep. Francis “Chiz” Escudero right next to me on another vehicle, side windows rolled down, speaking on the phone, stuck in traffic just like the rest of us. It was sort of a pleasant sight. A politician, and senatorial candidate, on a simple almost run-down vehicle (or so it seemed) with his side windows rolled down, with no sirens nor back-up security vehicles, stuck in traffic, breathing all the pollution there is in vehicle choked EDSA. And he was not campaigning.

Anyway, commuting to Makati isn’t too different from commuting home either. This morning I was waiting for a spacious bus and that didn’t get me anywhere. Note to self, never wait for a spacious public bus during rush hour, none will come. Since I was running late, I decided to hop on one of those colorum taxis that shuttles five people to Makati and charges like an FX. It took me almost two hours nonetheless. On my first day (which was Tuesday last week), thankfully I had Eka and some friends as co-interns so I was able to hitch a ride in a private car. Traffic was still horrible, even on the trip back to Quezon City.

Why am I having my internship in a Makati office anyway? You tell me. Perhaps it’s just now that all I am being told to do is transcribe shot lists, footages, and proof-view unaired videos. I’m a film student, I wish they could send me to the field, in a production, away from an office, please. It’s one reason why I didn’t choose a course that would send me to an office cubicle. Hay, and to think I’m working in a travel and lifestyle cable channel. I really hope something better comes up.

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