Not as tell-all as before

When I revealed to my friends, and more importantly when it was revealed to other people in school, that I joined a fraternity and the Upsilon Sigma Phi at that, I was met with surprise. I’d be surprised at myself too, if I didn’t know myself better.

Foremost, the fratman stereotype is quite out of my character, me being a shy boy from the College of Mass Communication at that (with all its own stereotypes, if you know what I mean), and second, my political affiliations and those of the fraternity’s and a majority of its resident brods are ‘officially’ incongruent. Upsilon is, after all, a founding member of my university political party’s two present rival parties. This proved quite odd for me, especially during the student council elections (where I lost).

Despite all these minor contradictions, and all the difficulties (understatement) of being a neophyte and a junior fellow, I don’t regret joining, and I am proud to be an Upsilonian. Anyway, my reasons for joining and other such apologetics won’t be the topic of this entry.

Perhaps this shall only be a disclaimer. Needless to say, quite a handful of the things that have happened and other things that I have done over the past two months are frat matters which I barely ever mentioned in my blog. I never even posted any picture of my brods nor pictures from any of the functions I’ve been to. For someone like me who’s so used to documenting my life and narrating my daily experiences in my blog, it’s something that I had to get used to. It’s not that the fraternity is shrouded in secrecy. Aside from a handful of anti-Upsilon comments in some previous entries, it’s pretty much given that the internet does serve as a place where various fraternities gather information about other frats. Even though I’ve practically outed myself to possibly other aggressive fraternities, the identities of my brods, and detailed personal documentation of activities are things I have to keep from posting here.

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