Oh, the office routine

Internship at Living Asia Channel has made me fantasize and day dream a lot about traveling around the country. One of the things I’ve been doing the past few days was capturing raw mini-dv footages from their out of town field shoots into their digital archives. Watching hours and hours of raw footage and edited but unaired programs can, admittedly, get boring, but it still makes me envious of all the traveling the field team and the hosts get to do, as part of their job.

Yesterday morning, I asked Rina to do an experiment with me, since we relatively live within the same area in Quezon City. Instead of taking one of those colorum vans with her that go straight to Makati, I decided to do it the jeep and MRT way. I wanted to see which one of us would get to the office first. While in Ayala however, I got off from one of those air-conditioned jeepneys at the wrong place so I ended up walking almost a kilometer to the office. That basically spoiled the experiment and made Rina get to the office first.

Anyway, I am finally going to be sent to the field in a shoot for one of the company’s overseas programs! That’s going to be on Tuesday. Eka and I did some “pre-production” arrangements a few days ago. I’m glad we’re being given something to do other than transcribing, video capturing and shot-listing. Everything’s well, even if I’m actually being sent on a KIKAY Machine shoot.

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