Philippine Agenda: Corruption

I was able to catch the third installment of GMA Network’s Philippine Agenda series last night.

Below is a portion of the episode which tackled the serious problem of political and bureaucratic corruption in the Philippines. The clip below specifically tackles the issue of the severe over-pricing of lamp posts acquired for the ASEAN Summit in Cebu months ago. Individual lamp posts were acquired by the government at 200+ thousand pesos each, jacked up scandalously from an original 11 thousand a unit. It’s really maddening and frustrating. Even Mike Enriquez, amusingly at times, exhibited such frustrations on screen.

[Links to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4]

Corruption is one of the main reasons why I cannot stomach it when government renders its institutions of social services (like public hospitals and state universities) inaccessible to many Filipinos through various exorbitant fees because of annual budget cuts and other such prescriptions of commercialization. It’s simply unfair for the people to shoulder the immense cost of the corruption of their politicians, most of whom cheat their way into government.

And just because it brushed up on the issue of scandalous over-pricing of government projects, below is a campaign clip of jailed senatorial candidate Antonio Trillanes, a clip you’ll probably never see on airwaves dominated by commercials of traditional politicians.

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