Tulakan pala ha

Perhaps I should get used to this. Since I’m an incoming college senior, soon enough, I will not look forward to summer for its days-stretch of lazy sunny afternoons. It will no longer be equal to free and leisure time. I just didn’t expect it to come this soon. Aside from my daily ten-hour internship in Makati, other commitments just keep piling up. Sometimes I just want to drop everything and fly off somewhere abroad (which will happen anyway in a few weeks).

Last Monday, I got at the Quezon Avenue station of the MRT at a quarter past seven, and wow, it was a riot. The entire platform and staircase was filled with people, with multiple and slow-moving lines stretching all the way down to EDSA. I was obviously surprised, since I was never a regular MRT commuter in the morning till the past weeks.

What made the commuting worse was that a number of trains had passed me on the platform without me being able to get on because other people just kept pushing and shoving ahead of me. By the time the tenth train came, I decided to lose all my respect for other people and began shoving everyone else near me to get on myself.

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