Doesn’t end in elections

My family and I are leaving for the US for a vacation next week. I can’t wait. I really need a break. This summer has not allowed me to rest. From internship, to org work, to frat duties. Though I am not able to vote, the past elections season has also been quite interesting for me. Aside from helping out in the campaign for Kabataan Party in the party list elections, I also got involved in the campaign of some brods in the Upsilon who were running in their respective localities. Whew. I feel like a political hopper. It was quite an experience.

By the way, democratic participation doesn’t end in elections. I got quite annoyed when one of my acquaintances made the comment, “you don’t have a right to complain if you don’t vote.” As if non-voters, even children, don’t pay taxes through VAT, among other means of contribution in society to which everyone has a stake, voter or not.

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