Driving an FHM cover girl

My mom, in an effort to market and promote her salon, and to help the barangay’s youth council, sponsored the appearance of Jamilla Obispo and Edgar Allan, um… Guzman (?) during last weekend’s annual sagala in our part of town. It’s the time of the year when girls and some drag queens, who feel like it, dress up and walk all around town in an evening parade, with brass marching bands and many fireworks.

It’s also when young girls and boys get forced by their parents to get made up and dressed to be shown off like some trophies. Whew, I remember being an escort in one of these parades years ago when I was an ignorant preschooler.

As expected, people trooped to the streets to see the celebrities, and some of the local girls. Lots of people in this town would troop to the plaza just to see even someone like Jimmy Santos or Pokwang or Chokoleit. It’s crazy. Watching spectators was a spectacle for me. I wasn’t able to take that much pictures, however.

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