May ganoon pala roon

Last Sunday some brods and I were asked to go to Cavite to offer assistance to an alumni brod, Boying Remulla, in his congressional re-election bid. Though there are some issues wherein I don’t agree with Mr. Remulla, helping him was perfectly fine for me. Especially when his opponent is one of the President’s men, and that this opponent’s propaganda have saturated the entire district. It felt quite tokenistic, though, since I doubt our giving out flyers to a handful of baranggays will have an impact. I found it quite sad that a majority of the people whom we were handing flyers to always asked for something–cigarettes, candies, food, anything, when we didn’t have anything to give aside from the pieces of flyers. I guess people really have gotten so used to being given tokens and other such material and financial gifts during campaigns.

Amadeo, my father’s family’s hometown is part of Boying Remulla’s district. Though we skipped Amadeo, we did get to go around Maragondon, Silang, Indang, and Tagaytay. We spent some time at a forest resort with springs, pools and waterfalls in Indang that night. Then we had dinner and we stayed overnight in Tagaytay.

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