US Trip ’07: Arriving in California

May 29, 2007. We woke up very early the next day. That was around half past three in the morning, if my memory serves me right. The airport shuttle picked us up form the hotel at five in the morning. Driving through Manhattan in the wee hours of the morning can be quite a sight. It’s an image of NYC not quite as depicted in American movies and literature as images of NYC as full of life and activities.

We got to JFK Airport’s domestic terminal less than an hour later. We were quite early, actually. Most of the shops and other facilities were still closed. After a few hours, we finally got to board our Delta Airlines flight to San Francisco. It was a boring five-hour flight. In-flight entertainment had a separate charge. And worse, they only served us peanuts.

By the time we got to San Francisco International Airport, I felt quite disoriented as it was another time zone adjustment. Checking out of the airport was quite quick.

We waited for a while at the terminal for Aunt Lydia to pick us up. She would be our most generous host for the next two weeks in California.

It was hours past lunch time already, so after picking us up, we went to see one of Aunt Lydia and my mom’s acquaintances in South San Francisco, who treated us to lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Millbrae, a few minutes drive away. On a side note, I found it quite amusing that it was much colder in this part of California, than it was in Georgia or in New York. In fact, it gets much colder when we get to San Francisco proper itself a few days later.

Anyway, after lunch, we drove down further south to the town of Campbell, where my aunt’s apartment was. It was where we stayed while we were in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. After unpacking and lounging for a bit, Aunt Lydia took us to Westgate Mall in San Jose. The mall was quite deserted actually. Or that was just me too used to crowded malls in Manila. And the book stores are huge. Not that I was ever a book fan, but I found myself spending a good hour in the book store.

Santana Row, San Jose, California

We then went to Santana Row, a fancy residential and commercial area also in San Jose for dinner. We had some fish tacos at Wahoo’s. There was some fashion show and concert at the plaza going on when we got there.

Santana Row, San Jose, California As another side note, days in this part of the world are quite long. It was past seven in the evening by the time we had dinner and the sun was barely setting.

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